mostra su Canova, Hayez, Cicognara - marsilio
“Canova, Hayez, Cicognara L’ultima gloria di Venezia” curated by F.Mazzocca, Paola Marini, Roberto De Feo
The exhibition Canova, Hayez, Cicognara. The last glory of Venice, is an opportunity to honour a special moment in the artistic history of the Serenissima, recalling that season of cultural revival in 1815 with the return from Paris of the four horses of St. Mark's, the city's symbolic work. Paperback, 352 pages
Casanova à Venise - lineadacqua
“Casanova à Venise. Des mots et des images” di M. Delon, M. Sajous D’Oria – Lineadacqua
Flexible cover, 144 pages
Canova biografia - lineadacqua
“Casanova. Short Biography” by Giuseppe Bignami – Lineadacqua
Paperback, 112 pages
Cocktails in venice -lineadacqua
“Cocktails in Venice. Tales of a barman” by Walter Bolzonella – Lineadacqua
Hardcover, 96pages
Damien Hirst - Marsilio
“Damien Hirst. Treasures from the Wreck of the Unbelievable” italian edition by E. Geuna – Marsilio
Hovering between reality and fiction, Treasures from the Wreck of the Unbelievable is Damien Hirst's new, great provocation, a project the artist has been working on for over ten years, complex and ambitious, exceptional in its dimensions and intentions. Hardcover, 336 pages
Henri Cartier-Bresson - marsilio
“Henri Cartier-Bresson Le Grand Jeu” by M. Humery, S. Aubenas, J. Cercas – Marsilio
At the beginning of the 1970s, at the request of his long-time friends and collectors John and Dominique de Menil, Henri Cartier-Bresson went through the thousands of prints in his archive with the idea of choosing the most important and significant works of his career. Hardcover, 350 pages
Jacques Henri Lartigue - marsilio editore
“Jacques Henri Lartigue. L’invenzione della felicità” by D. Curti, M. Perceval, C. Revol – Marsilio
The success and recognition of the work of Lartigue (Courbevoie, June 13, 1894 - Nice, September 12, 1986) came very late, when the artist was almost 70 years old. It was 1963, and the Museum of Modern Art in New York hosted an exhibition with the images that the photographer had taken at the beginning of his career, in the early years of the twentieth century, in front of which it was impossible not to recognize the obvious closeness with the work of the great Henri Cartier-Bresson. Hardcover, 208 pages
John ruskin libro venezia - marsilio
“John Ruskin. Le pietre di Venezia” corated by Anna Ottani Cavina – Marsilio
The catalogue of the exhibition held at the Doge's Palace at the opening of the celebrations for the bicentenary of John Ruskin's birth recounts the long and fruitful love affair between the famous English critic and the city of Venice. Paperback, 219 pages
l'arte di vivere a venezia - marsilio
“L’ arte di vivere a Venezia. Architettura e cucina” by Toto Bergamo Rossi, Lydia Fasoli – Marsilio
This book takes us behind the stunning facades of Venetian palaces and gives us the opportunity to explore rich interiors, discover lush secret gardens and savor the delicious local cuisine. Hardcover, 240 pages
“Marco Polo. Testimonies of an extraordinary journey” by Guido Fuga, Lele Vianello – Lineadacqua
Hardcover, 120 pages
murano e vetro libro
“Murano a history of glass” Rosa Barovier Mentasti, G. Mentasti
A long journey that, with scientific precision and narrative clarity, explains the origins and developments of Venetian glass production Paperback, 88 pages
Mysteries of the Lagoon and Witches' Tales - alberto toso fei
“Mysteries of the Lagoon and Witches’ Tales. Guide to arcane places among the islands of Venice” by Alberto Toso Fei – Elzeviro Editore
Four enchanting itineraries (to be covered by boat or public transport) that touch all the most beautiful islands in the Venice lagoon Paperback, 200 pages
raffaello l'eco del mito libro - marsilio
“Raffaello e l’eco del mito” by M. C. Rodeschini – Marsilio
Catalogue of the exhibition (Bergamo, 17 January-6 May 2018) The exhibition stems from the presence in the Carrara Academy of Raphael's Saint Sebastian, the most famous work in the entire gallery. Paperback, 305 pages
Re-visioning Venice 1893-2013 - lineadacqua
“Re-visioning Venice 1893-2013 Ongania/Romagnosi” di Angelo Maggi – Lineadacqua
Multilingual Edition Hardcover, 168 pages
Shakespeare a venezia alberto toso fei
“Shakespeare in Venice. Exploring the city with Shylock and Othello” Shaul Bassi, Alberto Toso Fei – Elzeviro Editore
A very refined and particular guide to Venice, which invites you to get lost in the labyrinth of calli and campielli to find the characters and places of William Shakespeare Flexible cover, 224 pages
cucina veneta - lineadacqua
“The Venetian cuisine” by Rosa Maria Rossomando Lo Torto – Lineadacqua
Paperback, 72 pages
tintoretto libro venezia marsilio
“Tintoretto (1519-1594)” by R. Echols, F. Ilchman – Marsilio
Catalogue of the exhibition in Venice, 7 September 2018-6 January 2019 The 500th anniversary of Tintoretto's birth is an opportunity to retrace the entire career of this great artist through the research of his greatest scholars, both Italian and foreign. Paperback, 308 pages
Leggende veneziane e storie di fantasmi alberto toso fei
“Venetian legends and ghost stories. A guide to places of mystery in Venice” English edition, di Alberto Toso Fei, Vito Vecellio – Elzeviro Editore
Four fascinating itineraries to discover the darkest and most obscure face of Venice Paperback, 214 pages
parole veneziane - lineadacqua
“Venetian words” by Luca D’Onghia, Lorenzo Tomasin – Lineadacqua
Paperback, 96 pages
enigmi misteri venezia alberto toso fei
“Veneziaenigma. Thirteen centuries of chronicles, mysteries, curiosities and extraordinary events poised between history and myth” English edition, Alberto Toso Fei
A mapping of places and anecdotes that, like an immense mosaic reassembled, piece by piece, reveals the enigmatic essence of Venice Paperback, 400 pages
libro sulle feste di venezia
“Venice celebrates” Madile Gambier, Angela Munari
This book traces the history of the most important festivities that are still highlights of city life today. Paperback, 64 pages
come è fatta venezia libro
“Venice: the Basics” Giorgio Gianighian, Paola Pavanini
Understanding how Venice is made, how it works, and how it worked is the first step to experiencing and enjoying it. Flexible cover, 80 pages
Venice. Food and Wine - lineadacqua
“Venice. Food and Wine” di M. E. Chojnacka – Lineadacqua
Hardcover, 105 pages
Vetri artistici libro - Marsilio
“Vetri artistici. Antonio Salviati 1866-1877. Museo del vetro di Murano” by A. Dorigato, P. Migliaccio – Marsilio
The third volume of the systematic cataloguing of the collections of the Murano Glass Museum examines the late production of the renowned Antonio Salviati furnace. Hardcover, 193 pagese