Volto Woman Mask Venice
Volto Woman Mask Venice
Volto Woman Mask Venice, made of papier-mâché by Franca Girl’s, handmade découpage, in gold leaf and craquelé silver leaf. Size:…
Volto woman Venetian Mask with Swaroski
Woman Volto Venetian Mask with Swarovski, made of papier-mâché by Franca Girl’s, in gold leaf, craquelé silver leaf and Swarovski…
voltone bluemoon venice
Voltone Mask
This special model is part of our collection of exclusive decorative objects, ideal for refined and contemporary interiors, to personalize a private environment or create an original and refined atmosphere in a public and convivial place.
Foglio acquarello - Toscolano1381
Watercolor sheet – Toscolano 1381
Watercolor sheet in pure cotton handmade paper. Size 34x50 cm. 300 g/sqm
Wind Mask- Alberto Sarria Masks
What happens when Aeolus gets to work? The result is this mask, which takes its shape from the spirals that the wind draws on the clouds.
dama alata francagirls
Winged Lady Mask
Winged Lady mask, made of papier-mâché by Franca Girl’s, in gold leaf and acrylic colour. Size: 70 X 22 cm.
Woman Volto Moon venetian mask
Woman Volto Moon Venetian Mask
Woman Volto Moon Venetian Mask, made of papier-mâché by Franca Girl’s, in gold leaf, silver, macramé and Swarovski crystals. Size:…
Woman Volto Venetian Mask in Gold and Silver Leaf
Woman Volto Venetian Mask in Gold and Silver Leaf
Woman Volto Venetian mask in gold and silver leaf, made by Franca Girl’s, in gold and silver leaf papier-mâché. Size:…
collana perla nera
Wood Pendant
Beached wood pendant necklace with gold and tahiti (saltwater) pearl inserts with 18k navy mesh gold necklace.
Wool Bouclé coat
Regular neckline and sleeves. Pockets inserted in side seams.
set scrittura in vetro di murano scriba venezia
Writing set with the Murano glass
High quality handcrafted writing set, totally handmade in Murano glass.
Zanni francagirls
Zanni Venetian Mask
Venetian mask Zanni, made of leather by Franca Girl’s, belonging to the Commedia dell’Arte. Dimensions: 26 X 17 cm.
Zonta Glasses lagooneyes
Zonta Sunglasses
The Zonta handcrafted sunglasses, from the Venetian brand Lagooneyes, is made of cellulose acetate.
zoo 20 animali in legno signor blum
Zoo with 20 animals
Interlocking compositions cut by fretwork, in multilayer Italian poplar wood, hand painted with non-toxic colors for immersion. Natural beech wood frame. gr. 430- cm. 23 x 23 x 2
ПЕТЕРБУРГ – Pietroburgo – Petersburg
Mikhail Struve (1890-1949), writer and poet, invites the reader on an imaginary walk through Petersburg. In ПЕТЕРБУРГ – Petersburg, the…
威尼斯哀歌 – Venice Elegy – Elegia Veneziana, Yang Lian
Author Yang Lian said: Venice is reputed to be the “most beautiful city in the world”, but careful examination will…
borsa in pelle blu il graffio venezia
Leather Bag No.1
Our No. 1 is a very versatile bag perfect for any time of day.
Borsa triangolo
Triangle Bag
The Triangle bag is inspired by the shopping bags used in Japan in the last century