Calligraphy feather
Series of calligraphic sets composed of a finely crafted turkey pen with pewter tip and inkwell
Christmas cards - Toscolano1381
Christmas card – Toscolano1381

Christmas card printed on handmade cotton paper 12x18 cm. Assorted colors. 120 g/sqm

busta toscolano 1381 - Nason Moretti
Classic envelope – Toscolano1381
Classic size envelope with card, 12x18 cm in handmade cotton paper
cover in pelle scriba
Leather cover
Leather cover, with medieval lace closure
libri in carta marmorizzata scriba
Marble Paper Book
The notebook in marbled paper tickles the sense of possession, it is something to be used in secret, but also everywhere and always. It is a piece to show naturally, to be placed here and there to give a touch of color to a style desk.
carta marmorizzata scriba
Marbled paper
The result of the patient and rigorous work of a Florentine artisan, marbled paper is one of the main materials in our workshop. It allows us to create and shape a wide range of processes that start from the simple coating of everyday objects and result in the great manual skill necessary in the art of bookbinding.
penna in vetro di murano scriba
Murano glass pens
The uniqueness, the quality and the elegance of the Murano glass rods worked by lamp by a local craftsman are the necessary ingredients to shape every single example of our pens.
diario in pelle decorata con leone san marco
Natural leather book
Hand-bound travel notebook in fine leather of Italian origins and totally natural tanned.
Box Lui&Lei carnevale san valentino venezia
Necklace with crystal heart
Heart necklace with crystal, made by the artisan jewellery shop, La Perla Nera in Venice.
Box Lui&Lei carnevale san valentino venezia
Notebooks by Venezia Stampa
Notebooks with color printed cover composed of 40 internal sides in ivory Modigliano paper 95 g
Fallani Notebook Venice
Notes 10,5×14,8 with screenprinting- Fallani Venezia
Notebook with black cover and white screen print, size 10,5x14,8 cm.
Notes Fallani Venezia
Notes 10×13 with screenprinting- Fallani Venezia
Notebook with cover in havana paper with colorful screen print, size 10x13 cm.
Perpetual Pencil
The first pencil made from recycled graphite, in Italy!
sigillo ceralacca scriba
Seal set for the sealing wax in Murano glass
The set we offer consists of 1 seal with Murano glass handle and brass ferrule, 1 sealing wax bar in old red color, and your initial.
Sketchbook – Feelin’ Venice
Sketchbook by Feelin’ Venice, is the perfect book for all your sketches! With line guides to help you in your…
Battaglia dei pugni - toscolano1381
The Battle of the Bridge of Fists Print – Toscolano1381
"The Battle of the Bridge of Fists" by Domenico Rossetti, print on handmade cotton paper, size 54x36.
Foglio acquarello - Toscolano1381
Watercolor sheet – Toscolano 1381
Watercolor sheet in pure cotton handmade paper. Size 34x50 cm. 300 g/sqm
Writing set with the Murano glass
Writing set with calligraphic nibs and ink holder.