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About us

The eBotteghe marketplace is one of the initiatives proposed to the artisans of Venice and to the local realities by Marco Ziliotto and Behind Venice. The meeting between these young professionals was made possible thanks to the artisan Francesca Bampa, of the historic store Signor Blum in Venice.

How the eBotteghe marketplace was born?

eBotteghe, was born from the union of the homonymous platform, created by the programmer Marco Ziliotto in April 2020, together with Behind Venice. This tool, born in November 2020, is a free and voluntary project, made available for Venetian artisans and local realities of the city, born with the intent to help the craftsmanship of Venice to promote itself online. The three Behind Venice professionals, after November 2019, had already started to help for free to spread and train in digital, the protagonists of the craftsmanship of Venice. After meeting Marco Ziliotto, the new and current version of eBotteghe was born.

The two companies have decided to join forces, with the partnership of Confartigianato Venezia, because they share the same values: passion, genuineness and transparency, which are also inherent in artisan products.

eBotteghe today is an e-commerce that was created to make Venetian products known abroad and in Italy, at a time when it is necessary to give an opportunity to artisans and local realities, given the very limited possibility to sell physically, to have an online market.

Supporting craftsmen and local realities, the foundations of the city of Venice, is the aim of this shared project.

Through the eBotteghe marketplace and the artisan products of Venice for sale, we will making the’ ‘botteghe” and Venetian stores known, where it is not possible to reach them physically.

Support the artisans of Venice! Buy a Made in Italy product, made by a Venetian craftsman and help Venice to restart in a fair and sustainable way!

Marco Ziliotto

Programmer and creator of the eBotteghe platform

Programmer since he was a child, he has been working for a company in Rome for three years, and in his spare time it happens that he develops projects dedicated to his city, such as CheBateo? and eBotteghe. In the past he worked as a freelance programmer, specializing in the front-end area, and developing projects such as the Enel site, Cornetto Algida and satellite sites for Rai, Poste, Jaguar. He loves his city and boats, rowing and sailing.

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Simone Padovani

International photojournalist and community psychologist Founder of Behind Venice

He works as a photojournalist with Getty Images, and with international newspapers such as New York Times, Guardian, Le Monde, El Pais, Lonely Planet, and many others.

He is a community psychologist and for years has been carrying out, in collaboration with many institutional partners, such as the Municipality of Bologna, the University of Padua, an innovative technique, the Photovoice, which combines photography and psychology for qualitative research and to improve the conditions of life in relation to a specific topic.

He lives in Venice since 2012

[email protected]

Alice Bianco

Web Designer and Copywriter Founder of Behind Venice

She works as a freelance for private individuals, SMEs and artisans. She collaborates as a digital strategist for Confartigianato Venezia, where she is responsible for creating content and managing social media channels.

In La Voce di Venezia, an online newspaper, she keeps a column of reviews of upcoming books; she is passionate about culture, art.

[email protected]

Sara Prian

Storyteller e Social Media Manager Founder of Behind Venice

Artisan of words and social media coach. She creates stories and strategies as a freelance for individuals, SMEs and artisans. After working for several years in the field of tourism and events in the city, for some years she has been collaborating as a digital strategist for Confartigianato Venezia, where she creates content and managing social media channels. Passionate about culture and art, she writes about upcoming books in La Voce di Venezia, an online newspaper.

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