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Featured products

    grani sciolti kirumakata
    Grani Sciolti
    Necklace with round pearls in Murano glass of medium purple red color made with the technique of lampwork, inserted on a structure of hand-forged brass wire, waxed cotton cord. The lightness of the necklace (also emphasized by the movement that is created when it is worn) is given by the sum of brass wires that move and flow through the central round brass element. The necklace has a closure system that allows it to be worn both long and short. Creation performed by hand, so the product may have some slight differences in the form compared to the photo, even the color on the screen may show different shades. KirumaKata handcrafts all the glass beads used for their creations with the lampwork technique in Murano glass. The brass structure of the necklace is obtained from a brass wire worked by hand with the technique of cold forging, through the use of a small goldsmith’s hammer. The jewel is designed for a dynamic woman who likes to impress and be remembered for being original and character, a woman who is not conditioned by fashion but who makes fashion.
    Coaster in multicolored murrina made with the technique of glass fusion of millefiori canes produced in Murano. The object comes with our certificate of authenticity, perfect to give a touch of color to your table. Dimensions: diameter cm. 8, thickness mm. 4 about, weight gr. 50 about.
    Josa Bracelet
    A portion of proceeds from every Josa bracelet sold are donated to Save Venice. Material: 100% Sterling Silver Plating: 18kt gold, 18kt rose gold, silver, ruthenium Dimensions: 11mm x 11 mm Cord: water resistant and fully adjustable Josa is completely Nickel-free. Comes on a personal Josa wooden bracelet holder.
    Shopper Venice
    A deep ocean is filled with blue gondolas in this graphic designed by Filippo Soffrizzi. 40×36 cm, length of the handle 28 cm. 100% Cotton. Designed in Venice and printed in Europe.

The best-selling jewels

    Modern small pendant
    Modern pendant with a diameter of 3,6 cm. made with our particular technique of working using millefiori canes produced in Murano. We have invented a new technique of composition to recreate these particular effects. After the fusion is flattened and polished in several steps to enhance the brightness and color. Each piece is unique and unrepeatable, one side is different from the other, and comes with our certificate of authenticity. diameter cm. 3,6 weight gr. 10  
    Ciondolo pendente Murrina Millefiori Vianello Nadia Murrine
    Murrina Millefiori pendant in Murano glass with silver 925 setting
    Oval shape completely handmade Murano glass pendant. This item was created in our artisanal workshop in Murano island using “Millefiori” glass canes produced at Murano. Different colors available. Material: Murano glass Bail: 925 Sterling Silver Size: 43 x 50 mm Approximate weight: 19 g Product warranty card, Vianello Nadia Murrine signature box and shopping bag included.
    Ring Statement Occhi
    “Decorating bodies with body pieces helps us to appreciate the joy that comes from accepting our objectivity, ‘Thingness’ as the contemporary artist Paul Thek defines it, referring to the Catacombs of the Capuchins in Palermo. The Thingness collection is inspired by Thek’s work and consists of body parts such as eyes, teeth, small tits and legs. This is the Eye Statement Ring. These are my deep brown eyes. I’m spreading them everywhere, to keep an eye on you. Like the eyes of antique dolls, these eyes are handmade in glass, each slightly different. Murano glass has an incredible variety of colors, but they were not vivid and realistic enough. I created glass slats by contaminating the glass with other materials, to create a unique pattern each time.” Adjustable size
    Arlechin – Multicolor Murano Glass Earrings

    Tinkly beads remind us of the bells hanging from the Carnival’s masks, and their colors could only be festive. The small Murano glass beads are made to shine thanks to precious gold and silver placed underneath the glass.

    With these pendant earrings you won’t have to give up any of the stunning colors of Murano glass, and you’ll take with you a bit of the excitement of the Venetian Carnival.

    They are part of our Arlechin Collection, and take their name from Arlechin, by far the most known and ancient mask of the Italian Carnival, well known for his multicolor costume.

    – Handmade jewel made in Venice with original Murano glass
    – 8 Murano glass beads spherical in shape, about 9 mm in size
    – 24-karat gold leaf
    – 925 sterling silver leaf
    – Length: earrings cm 7
    – Earwires fastenings
    – 4 separate chains hold the beads
    – Metal parts are nickel-free
    – Shipped in a black box bearing Miani Venetian Jewelry logo
    – Contains a card that guarantees the venetian and artisanal production of the jewel with authentic Murano glass

    The jewel is handcrafted both in the assembly and in the beads production, therefore it’s not possible to ensure the geometric perfection of the various components, but we emphasise this imperfection as evidence of its authenticity.

Murano glass works

    Barca a Vela - Mauro Bon
    Phoenician glass sailboat Height 11,5 cm Hull length 9 cm
    Morandi - Nason Moretti
    Morandi – Nason Moretti
    The bottles Morandi interpret in a modern way the famous canvas of the italian painter and engraver Giorgio Morandi, by which they are inspired. They can adapt to every table or used as pieces of furniture. Dimension: h.35 Ø 10,5
    Mini Antares - Nason Moretti
    Antares – Nason Moretti (Copia)
    The Antares collection takes its name from one of the largest and brightest stars ever known, found in the constellation Scorpius, by which it is inspired for brilliance and chromatic richness. The Miniantares vases, proposed in different shapes, are colors, matched in an innovative way with just as many shades applied inside the objects. Dimension: h.14 Ø 7,5 – h.14 Ø 6,6 – h.11 Ø 6,5 – h.10 Ø 10
    Calabaza (a single word that in Spanish stands for pumpkin/bottle), a bottle that refers to archetypal forms obtained from the natural world, whose volutes obtained by blowing glass give rise to a living object that appears in constant change. The blown striped glass and the resulting plays of light reflection transport the memory to certain decorative motifs of Venetian chandeliers.

Prints to decorate your home

    Canal Grande - Annamarie Dzendrowskyj
    Canal Grande – Annamarie Dzendrowskyj
    6 colors screenprint from a work by Annamarie Dzendrowskyj Hand printed on Fedrigoni Tintoretto 300g paper Edition of 51 copies signed and numbered by the artist
    <3enezia - Ale Giorgini
    3 colors screenprint from an illustration by Ale Giorgini Hand printed on Fedrigoni Old Mill 300g paper Edition of 50 copies signed and numbered by the artist The illustration is part of the “Cronache da una città sommersa” to support Fallani Venezia, following the November 12, 2019 High Water
    Basilica San Marco - Zuaart
    Venezia Prints 45×36
    Color printing on high quality gloss paper, 250 grams,from original watercolors made by Stefania Zuanella. They represent several typical corners and palaces of Venice.
    Comes with a self-standing packaging (as shown in the picture). You can use it or you can decide to use your own frame. Designed in Venice. Printed in Italy on 100% recycled paper.

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Alberto Toso Fei books about Venice
eBotteghe presents

Alberto Toso Fei books about Venice

Alberto Toso Fei, Venetian since 1351, comes from an ancient family of Murano glassmakers. Expert in secret history and mystery,…

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The Carnival of the Venetians 2021 Il carnevale dei veneziani

The Carnival of the Venetians 2021

Carnival has arrived! And this year as never before it will be for the Venetians! That’s why we at eBotteghe…

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The Venetian Pearls: UNESCO heritage. The History

The Venetian Pearls: UNESCO heritage. The History

After a long struggle, which lasted approximately 7 years, the art of glass beads (including their processing, culture and language)…

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