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Featured products

    diario in pelle decorata con leone san marco
    Natural leather book
    Diary in decorated leather, hand-bound in fine leather of Italian origin and tanned totally natural. The unique design of this diary, is recognizable by the special processing of the leather that, through the ancient technique of hot iron decoration, is embellished with ancient Venetian images. A leather lace personalizes the product and secures the contents of the notebook that lends itself to be perfect for traveling, annotating and drawing. The quality of the leather used will ensure that your travel notebook, with the passage of time, that look “lived” really unique. The interior is made of ivory paper sheets that look smooth and suitable for all types of pens, markers, crayons and colors. Available in various colors and in four different sizes.
    borsa piccola primavera estate c+una
    C+una Bag small
    C+Una Bag small, is made of fabric – patented model – characterized by a continuous handle, which allows, with a gesture, to wear it on the shoulder or cross-body. Lined, without metal elements and drawstring closure. Practical and light, great for the sea! Washable. Dimensions: 24 x 17 x 45.
    basilica di San Marco in legno signor blum
    Basilica di San Marco
    Hand-cut in poplar plywood and colored with non-toxic colors, dipping the parts that make up the puzzle in different colors. The famous San Marco Basilica is reproduced here in wood. gr. 510 – cm.25 x 29 x2,5
    Venice Serigraphy – Ale Giorgini
    Venice serigraphy, 3 colours, from an illustration by Ale Giorgini. Hand-printed on Fedrigoni Old Mill 300g paper. Edition of 50 copies signed and numbered by the artist. The illustration is part of the project “Chronicles from a submerged city” in support of the Fallani Venezia screenprint following the Acqua Alta of 12 November 2019.

The best-selling jewels

    collana in tessuto c+una
    Mood à porter Necklace
    The Mood à porter necklace by C+Una, is made of fabric with a metal core, Murano blown glass beads and leather closure. Characteristic of the necklace is its ability to shape it to your neck, neckline and, why not … to your mood! One necklace: a thousand moods. Dimensions: 20 x 15/25 Adjustable size
    braccialetto nora in vetro di murano momylia venice
    Murano glass bracelet – Nora
    Nora bracelet, made entirely by hand with Murano glass by Momylia, with the ancient technique of lampworking. It is composed of 10 cubes of 10 mm. In their interior (in jargon called soul) they bear a pure silver leaf 1000 embroidered with thin lines spirals in black filigree glass. This elegant bracelet is mounted with durable elastic thread the beads are spaced out from each other by rhinestone rondelles and crystals. Delivered in a gift box with certificate of guarantee. Ideal creation for elegant evenings.
    josa braccialetto feelin venice
    Josa Bracelet
    A part of the proceeds of each Josa Bracelet sold will be donated to Save Venice. Unisex: Josa bracelets are perfect for him and for her. Locally made: Josa bracelets are carefully manufactured in Veneto, the region of Venice. Material: 100% sterling silver Plating: 18kt gold, 18kt rose gold, silver, ruthenium. Nickel-free. Dimensions: 11 mm x 11 mm Water resistant and fully adjustable, Josa is completely nickel-free. Supplied with a personal Josa wooden bracelet holder.
    Sumeri Ring – Bottega Orafa Abc Venezia
    Sumeri ring by Bottega Orafa Abc Venezia, made of 18kt. gold and titanium. Width: 10mm. Size 18.

Murano glass works

    nason moretti glass - dandy
    Nason Moretti Glass – Dandy
    The glass made by Nason Moretti, called Dandy, is a product, made of Murano glass, in which transparencies and opaque and shiny colors are casually blended in different combinations. It is made even more original by the use of a technique developed in 1951, which involves squashing the glass, which adapts to the hand and acquires a distinctive ergonomics. Each Dandy is, for this reason, a unique piece. Dimensions: h.11 Ø 9
    Nason Moretti Vases Mini Antares
    Nason Moretti Vases – Mini Antares
    The Antares collection by Nason Moretti, owes its name to one of the biggest and brightest stars ever known, present in the constellation of Scorpio, to which it is inspired by its brightness and chromatic richness. The Mini Antares vases come in various shapes and colors, innovatively combined with as many shades applied to the inside of the object. Dimensions: h.14 Ø 7,5 – h.14 Ø 6,6 – h.11 Ø 6,5 – h.10 Ø 10
    ciotola vetro murano ferro toso
    Murano glass bowl
    Bowl with a diameter of 12 cm. executed with the technique of glass fusion of millefiori canes produced in Murano. A first fusion is made to create the piece that, after being worked, is passed again in the oven to give it the final shape. The object comes with our certificate of authenticity and is perfect to give a touch of elegance to any environment. Dimensions: diameter cm. 12, height cm. 3, weight gr. 170 approx.
    IRIDE set
    The glasses of the Iride set, designed by Kanz, exploit the phenomenon of light refraction and play with the colour of the background, bringing it to the surface. Iride is made for water, the perfect liquid for the experiment. The water loses its transparent essence and takes on the 6 desired colours, transforming the table into a palette.

Our Masks

    medico della peste bluemoon venice
    Plague Doctor Venetian Mask
    The Plague Doctor Venetian Mask of Bluemoon Venice is a papier-mâché mask. Handmade, produced and decorated entirely by hand respecting the techniques of the ancient Venetian tradition. Decorated with details in black color and antique finish. Equipped with fabric ribbons to wear the mask comfortably. The mask comes with a Certificate of Authenticity. This mask is the original version of the traditional Venetian Medico della Peste. It was worn during epidemics to protect against infection. Perfect as a special interior decoration and can also be comfortably worn for a special event. A perfect accessory to get you noticed at a costume party and carnival. Materials: Papier-mache, fabric ribbons Measurements: 36cm X 15,50cm ( 14,17 inches X 6,10 inches)
    lady marlene bluemoon venice
    Lady Marlene
    Lady Marlene is an exclusive by Bluemoon Venice. Entirely handmade respecting the ancient Venetian tradition, with a special composition of columbine finished with gold and silver leaf in relief and antique finish. This refined feminine version is an ideal furnishing compendium for classic and exclusive interiors, perfect for special stagings, fashion events, art and decor. The papier-mâché sculpture comes with Certificate of Authenticity. Composition: Papier-mache, gold and silver leaf Dimension: 70 X 52 X 15cm
    Leone veneziano maschera bluemoon venice
    Leon Veneziano Mask
    The Leon Veneziano of Bluemoon Venice is a handmade papier-mâché mask. Produced and decorated entirely by hand respecting the techniques of the ancient Venetian tradition. Decorated with silver leaf and antique finish. Equipped with ribbons to be comfortably worn. The mask comes with a Certificate of Authenticity. The lion represents courage, supreme power, royalty, wisdom and pride. It acts as a sun symbol, so perfect for decorating your home or as an original gift for someone special. This mask reproduces the head of the Marcian lion, symbol of the city of Venice and its patron saint. It can also be comfortably worn for a special event, carnival or masquerade ball. Materials: Papier-mache, silver leaf Measurements: 30 X 26 X 15 cm
    colombina bambino francagirls
    Columbine Swan Child Mask
    Columbine swan child mask in papier-mâché, china and craquelé, handmade and decorated by Franca Girl’s in Venice. Dimensions: 15 X 15 cm.

Bottega Cini

Bottega Cini is a new Concept Store that wants to be a point of dialogue between culture and Venetian companies. Bottega Cini aims to create a new type of museum store, a Renaissance workshop reinterpreted in a contemporary way.
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Bottega Cini

Damocle Edizioni

Damocle Edizioni, is a small high quality publishing house in the heart of Venice. The owner, Pierpaolo Pregnolato, inherited from his great-grandparents the passion for typography and builds books as it was once done, keeping alive the Venetian tradition.
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Damocle Edizioni

Nicolao Atelier

The Nicolao Atelier, active since 1980 on the international scene of cinema and opera performances, has a repertoire of over 15,000 cine-theatrical costumes made with fine fabrics and processes for important film and opera-theatrical productions.
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Nicolao Atelier

Venezia Stampa

Since 1989, Luca and Michele have been trying to keep the Venetian typographic tradition intact thanks to their passion and especially to the two printing machines of the twentieth century, which stand out inside their workshop in Campo Santa Maria Mater Domini.
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Venezia Stampa


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