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Privacy Policy

INFORMATIVA PER IL TRATTAMENTO DEI DATI PERSONALI AI SENSI DEL D.LGS. N. 196/2003 E DEL REGOLAMENTO UE 2016/679, in the person of Simone Padovani, legal representative of Behind Venice Società Cooperativa, based in Cannaregio 3407– 30121 – Venezia (VE), VAT N. IT04645270275 (hereinafter referred to as “owner”) is committed to protecting the personal data of every visitor of the website and of the application for mobile devices (jointly referred to as “sites”). This page informs you of our policies regarding the collection, use and data processing of Personal Data received from users of the Site pursuant to article 13 of Legislative Decree of 30 June 2003, n. 196 (“Codice in materia di protezione dei dati personali”, hereinafter referred to as “Code”) and of Article n. 13 in the Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of the 27 April 2016 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data also referred to as “Regulation” or “GDPR”).

This policy does comply with the processing of personal information carried out by other websites accessible through the links on, for which takes no responsibility.

1. Legal basis and purpose of the processing.

The processing of personal data (also referred to as “Data” or “personal data”) is exclusively carried out for the following purposes:

  • to connect the users with vendors present on the sites, process the orders for the purchase of products and services made through the sites as well as to speed up the related procedures;
  • administer, operate, and improve the sites;
  • offer a more personalized experience of the sites;
  • evaluate the user’s suitability for specific types of offers, products or services;
  • provide information on products and services that might be of interest for the user;
  • for the overall provision of e-marketing services of the sites as a general.

Data is processed mainly based on the user’s consent and because it is necessary for the provision of e-marketing services. Following user’s consent, it will also be possible to enable an update and marketing service via an email newsletter, from which the user can unsubscribe from at any moment by managing their own privacy preferences on the sites, or by sending written communication to the address [email protected]

2. Data controller

Il Titolare del trattamento dei dati personali è Simone Padovani, legal representative of Behind Venice Società Cooperativa, based in Cannaregio 3407– 30121 – Venezia (VE), VAT N. IT04645270275, e-mail [email protected], PEC [email protected]

3. Modalities of data processing and conservation.

Data processing is based on the principles of correctness, lawfulness, and transparency and can also be carried out by automated methods, able of memorizing, managing, and transmitting said data. It will be done by implementing appropriate tools, mutatis mutandis and state of the art, to assure the safety and confidentiality of data through the use of suitable procedures to prevent the risk of the loss, unauthorized access, illicit use and circulation of said data.

4. Provision and type of data processing.

Information is gathered through the user’s interaction with the sites and the requirement for e-marketing services, specifically when the user registers, interacts, uses the services and places an order. We also pay attention to the way in which users use our sites in order to understand how to improve our services and optimize the customer experience. mainly collects user’s data in the following categories.

  • Data collected by automated modes While browsing, the following user’s information may be stored in the server log files (hosting) of the site: – internet protocol (IP) address; – type of browser; – parameters of the device used to connect to the site; – name of ‘internet service provider (ISP); – date and time of visit; – web page of origin of the visitor (referral) and exit page; – possibly, number of clicks. This data is used for statistics and analysis purposes and is exclusively treated in aggregate form. The IP address is exclusively used for safety purposes and is not used in combination with other data.
  • – Voluntarily provided data In case of the user’s voluntary use of e-marketing services, the sites can collect other data which will be exclusively used for the provision of the required service, among which: – name; – email address; address, telephone number; – any other data freely submitted by the user for the provision of services. Information relating to the user’s state of health will only be processed if freely submitted and if consent to their processing was given, for the purpose of service provision and order completion. For example, in the case that food allergies are specified.

5. Data processing location

Data is processed at the Data Controller’s location, and in the data centre of the web hosting WP Engine in EU countries, and there is no provision for their transfer to servers or data centres outside of the EU. might share some of the collected data with services located out of the EU area, specifically Google, Facebook and Microsoft through social plugins and the services Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel. In this case, the data processing is authorized according to specific decisions by the EU and the Guarantor for the protection of personal data, in particular the decision 1250/2016 (Privacy Shield), for which no further consent is required. The aforementioned companies guarantee their adhesion to the Privacy Shield.

6. Data communication

For the purposes of point 1, especially for the provision of e-marketing services, personal data will be communicated to the vendors adhering to the service when concluding individual orders. Data can therefore be shared with third-party service providers, among which:

  • payment providers (including providers of online payment providers and fraud detection services);
  • IT services providers (including cloud service providers): for the purpose of data analysis and retention;
  • vendors adhering to the e-marketing services where the user has placed an order to allow its completion and, in case of food allergies being noted, solve issues, and improve their services.
  • Eventually, data could be communicated to public bodies in compliance with current legislation.

Third parties involved in personal data communication are automatically obliged to respect the provisions on personal data protection, and are exclusively responsible for their subsequent processing without anything being requested or charged to the Controller of data processing of For any further information please refer to the individual policies of each vendor where the order has been placed. Data may be communicated to public bodies in compliance with current legislation.

7. Data distribution

Personal data is not subjected to distribution.

8. Cookies

8.1 Use of cookies

This site uses cookies, text files which are recorded on the user’s device or which allow access to information on the user’s terminal. Cookies allow information to be stored about the visitor’s preferences, used to verify the correct functioning of the sites and improve the functionalities by personalizing the pages content based on the type of browser, or to simplify navigation by automating routines (i.e.: Login, Language of the site), and finally to analyse the use of the site and app by visitors. This website uses the following Cookie categories:

  • Technical cookies, used for the sole purpose of electronic transmission, to guarantee the correct visualisation of the site and its navigation. They also allow a distinction to be made among the different users connected to the service thus ensuring that the service is provided to the correct user (Login), and for the site’s safety. Some of these cookies are deleted when the browser is closed (session cookies), while others have a longer duration (i.e.: the cookie necessary for the user’s consent on use of cookies, which lasts 1 year). For these cookies, no consent is required.
  • Analysis cookies used directly by the site manager to gather information, in aggregate form, on the number of users and how they visit the site. They are regarded as equivalent to technical cookies in the case of an anonymised service.
  • Profiling and marketing cookies, exclusively used by third parties different from the owner of this site, to gather information on the users’ behaviour while browsing the site, and on interests, consumer habits and also for the purpose of personalised advertising.

By clicking OK on the banner upon first access to the site, the visitor expressly agrees to the use of cookies and similar technologies, and in particular to the registration of these cookies on their device for the purposes indicated above, or by accessing cookies on their device through cookies.

8.2 Disabling cookies

The user can refuse the use of cookies and may in any moment withdraw the previously granted consent to their use. Seeing as cookies are linked to the browser used they can be directly deactivated in the browser, thus rejecting/withdrawing consent to the cookies used, or via the banner at the bottom of the page. Disabling cookies might compromise the correct use of certain functionalities of the site, in particular the services provided by third parties might not be accessible and may not be visible anymore. For example: – social buttons of social networks; – Maps from Google. The instruction for disabling cookies can be found in the following web pages: Mozilla Firefox – Microsoft Internet Explorer – Microsoft Edge – Google Chrome – Opera – Apple Safari.

8.3 Third-party cookies

The sites also act as intermediary for third-party cookies (such as buttons for social media), used to provide additional services and features to visitors and to simplify the use of the site itself, or to provide personalized advertising. The sites do not have any control over the cookies which are fully managed by third parties nor do they have access to information gathered by such cookies. Information on the use of cookies, their purposes and disabling modalities are provided directly by the third parties in the pages indicated below. It is noted that the tracking of users does generally not involve the identification of the user, unless the user is already registered for the service and is not already logged in, in which case it is understood that the user has already expressed his consent directly to the third party when registering for the relevant service (eg Facebook). This site uses cookies from the following third parties:

  • Google Ireland ltd: For information on the use of data and their processing by Google Ireland ltd it is recommended to read the Google’s privacy policy and the methods of data use by Google when using sites or apps of the partner.
  • Google Analytics: used to analyse the use of sites by users, compile reports on site activity and user behavior, check how often users visit the sites, how the sites are found and which pages are visited most frequently. The information is combined with information collected from other sites in order to create a comparative picture of the use of the sites compared to other sites of the same category. Collected data: browser ID, date and time of interaction with the site, page of origin, IP address. Place of data processing: European Union being the active anonymization of the service. The data collected does not allow the personal identification of users, and is not used in combination with other information relating to the same person. It is treated in aggregate form and anonymized (truncated to the last octet). On the basis of a specific agreement (DPA), Google Inc. (the data controller) is prohibited from using such data in combination with those obtained from other services. Further information on Google Analytics cookies can be found on the page Google Analytics Cookie Usage on Websites. The user can selectively disable (opt-out) from the collection of data by Google Analytics by installing the specific component provided by Google on their browser (opt out).
  • Facebook Pixel: utilizzato per analizzare l’uso dei siti da parte degli utenti, compilare report sulle attività dei siti e il comportamento degli utenti, verificare quanto spesso gli utenti visitano i siti, come i siti vengono rintracciate e quali pagine sono visitate più frequentemente. Le informazioni sono combinate con informazioni raccolte da altri siti al fine di creare un quadro comparativo dell’uso dei siti rispetto ad altri siti della medesima categoria. L’utente può disabilitare (opt-out) in modo selettivo la raccolta dei dati da parte di Facebook modificando le impostazioni sulla privacy all’interno del proprio account sul social network.

9. Social Network Plugin

The sites also incorporate plugins and/or buttons in order to allow easy sharing of content on users’ social networks. When the user visits a site page that contains a plugin, the browser connects directly to the servers of the social network from which the plugin is loaded, which can track the visit to the sites and, if necessary, associate it with the social network account of the user, particularly if you are logged in at the time of the visit or if you have recently browsed one of the websites containing social plugins. If you do not want the social network to record the data relating to your visit to our website, you must log out of your social network account and, in all probability, delete the cookies that the social network has installed in your browser. This site has plugins with advanced privacy protection functions for Users installed, which do not send cookies or access the cookies on the user’s browser when the page is opened, but only after clicking on the plugin. The collection and use of information by these third parties is governed by their respective information on the protection of personal data to which we kindly ask you to refer to.

10. Rights of the interested party

Pursuant to article 7 of the code and articles. 15 and following of the regulation, the user has the right, as the interested party, in the manner and within the limits established by current legislation to:

  1. Obtain confirmation of the existence or lack of existence of personal data concerning the user, even if not yet registered, and the communication of such in an intelligible form;
  2. Obtain data on: a) of the origin of the personal data; b) the purposes and methods of its processing; c) of the logic applied in case of processing carried out with electronic tools; d) the identity of the owner, manager and the designated representative; e) the subjects or categories of subjects to whom the personal data may be communicated or who can obtain knowledge of them as appointed representative in the territory of the State, managers or appointed;
  3. Obtain: a) updating, correction or, when interested, integration of data; b) the cancellation, transformation into anonymous form or blocking of data processed in violation of the law, including that which need not be kept for the purposes for which the data was collected or subsequently processed; c) the proof that the operations referred to in letters a) and b) have been brought to the attention, also in regards to their content, to those to whom the data have been communicated or spread, except in the case in which this requirement proves impossible or involves the use of means that are manifestly disproportionate to the protected right; d) the delivery in a structured format, commonly used and readable by an automatic device, of the personal data concerning them for the purpose of transmitting them to another data controller (data portability);
  4. Object, in whole or in part: a) for legitimate reasons to the processing of personal data concerning them, even if pertinent to the purpose of the collection; b) to the processing of personal data concerning them for the purpose of sending advertising or direct sales material or for carrying out market research or commercial communication, through the use of automated call systems without the intervention of an operator by email and/or through traditional marketing methods by telephone and/or paper mail. It should be noted that the right of opposition of the interested party, set out above in point b), for direct marketing purposes through automated methods extends to traditional ones and that in any case, the possibility remains for the interested party to exercise the right of opposition also only in partial form. Therefore, the interested party can decide to only receive communications using traditional methods or only automated communications or neither of the two types of communication;
  5. File a complaint about the way in which personal data is managed or processed to the Guarantor for the protection of personal data.

These rights can be exercised by registered mail, to be sent to Cannaregio 3407 – 30121 – Venice (VE), or by email, to [email protected]

11. Data retention period

The owner will process personal data for the time strictly necessary for the provision of e-Marketplace services as well as for the fulfillment of the aforementioned purposes. The data of those who do not purchase or use products/services, despite having had a previous contact with, will be deleted or processed anonymously, where their conservation is not otherwise justified. At the end of the processing all data will be deleted or anonymized.

12. Changes in the methods of data processing

This information may be modified in the future (for example, as a result in changes in current legislation or the introduction of new services on the sites). Any changes to the methods of processing personal data will be promptly published on the sites by updating this information.

Last updated: February 25, 2021