In Venice to learn about the process of selection, roasting, blending and tasting of a quality coffee, you can enter the Caffè Girani Venezia Bottega, in Campo della Bragora, behind San Marco, in a typical eighteenth-century house.

Venice was the first western city where coffee was imported and spread. Already at the beginning of the 1700s it was possible to count 206 stores where the “drink nigra” was tasted.

Giuseppe Girani founded the ancient artisan roasting company back in 1928, which brought him from Trieste to Venice.
A lover of coffee and soccer (in the 1940s he led Venezia to the Serie A), alongside the great Francesco Illy in Trieste, Girani began to develop a passion for the beverage.
Then he brought it to Venice, where he created his family-run artisan company. The business grew and was renewed with the unchanged passion of his daughter Gigliola, and now of his granddaughters Roberta and Laura, who maintain the unmistakable Venetian aroma.