Paper is the material to which eBotteghe wanted to dedicate this month. Its ancient origins make paper one of the most precious elements, because it is light and resistant in its simplicity. China is where it was created and it is in Italy that it spread, thanks to the Arabs who brought it to Spain and then introduced it in our country, around the year 1000.

It was thanks to the Venetian Marco Polo and his famous book, Il Milione, that we discover how the Chinese were the first to manufacture paper, something revolutionary, because it was created by weaving fibers. They were able to obtain it starting from rags, from the bark of trees, from bamboo shoots and mulberry shoots.

Venice, together with the other maritime republic of Amalfi, Prato, Cividale del Friuli and Fabriano, were the sites of the largest paper mills in Italy, and over the centuries they perfected the manufacturing technique, making paper stronger and whiter.

In Venice, paper became more widespread in 1300 and began to be used as an alternative to parchment. The latter was used for official acts and other important documents, while paper, still considered an economic and simple material, was used in everyday life, for work and news.

Nell’articolo Venezia e la stampa, tutto dedicato alle invenzioni e a quanto si debba ad Aldo Manuzio quella dedicata alla nascita del corsivo e a tante novità nel campo della tipografia e dell’editoria, possiamo ben capire quanto la carta sia uno dei materiali più importanti che abbiamo ancor oggi, nonostante la digitalizzazione. E nel 1600, furono proprio queste nuove invenzioni nel campo dell’editoria, che portarono la carta ad essere considerata un materiale prezioso ed insostituibile. Fu quindi la cultura, scopo per il quale vennero creati libri ed altri oggetti importanti per la sfera sociale e dell’innovazione, ad accrescere il valore della carta.

Venice, a city on the water, exploited this resource and the port remained the natural place of collection and sorting of paper. The Serenissima began to invest in this material, so much so that it became the European leader in production and trade, due to the superior quality and excellent price of the product.

For as we know it, that is, the manufacture of modern paper, made from tree bark or splinters, we have to wait until 1800, when the whole process became mechanical.

In Venice there are still many craftsmen who honor paper, use it for various purposes and create unique products. Below you will find some of them.

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The products of our artisans

    Foglio acquarello - Toscolano1381
    Watercolor sheet – Toscolano 1381
    Watercolor sheet in pure cotton handmade paper. Size 34×50 cm. 300 g/sqm
    raffaello l'eco del mito libro - marsilio
    “Raffaello e l’eco del mito” by M. C. Rodeschini – Marsilio
    Catalogue of the exhibition (Bergamo, 17 January-6 May 2018) The exhibition stems from the presence in the Carrara Academy of Raphael’s Saint Sebastian, the most famous work in the entire gallery. Paperback, 305 pages
    eolo la corte dei miracoli
    One of the characteristics of Aeolus was to be able to live on free and safe islands, being able to control or change the directions of adverse winds. Papier-mâché, acrylic white and antiqued silver leaf. For decoration.
    colombina francagirls
    Assorted Columbine
    Papier-mâché in china and craquele’ made and decorated by hand Dimensions: 21 X 16 cm.
    dama alata francagirls
    Winged Lady
    Papier-mâché mask in gold leaf and acrylic color Size: 70 X 22 cm.
    Leone veneziano maschera bluemoon venice
    Leon Veneziano
    Handmade papier-mache mask, hand decorated mask respecting the techniques of the ancient Venetian tradition. Decorated with silver leaf and antique finish. Equipped with fabric ribbons to wear the mask comfortably.
    Astrazione dei salti di Arlecchino - venicegallery
    Abstraction of Harlequin jumps
    Watercolor of our exclusive creation executed on cotton paper with original gold leaf frame
    Casanova à Venise - lineadacqua
    “Casanova à Venise. Des mots et des images” di M. Delon, M. Sajous D’Oria – Lineadacqua
    Flexible cover, 144 pages
    Taccuino Fallani Venezia
    Notes 10,5×14,8 with screenprinting- Fallani Venezia
    Notebook with black cover and white screen print, size 10,5×14,8 cm.
    Basilica di Santa Maria della Salute Fallani Venezia
    Screenprinting Basilica di Santa Maria della Salute – Fallani Venezia
    Hand-printed 4-colors screen printing depicting Basilica of Saint Mary of Health. Limited edition on colored paper. Format cm. 17,5×25
    Treble Clef
    To celebrate the importance of music for Venice, we have created a new mask in the shape of a treble clef
    Abbraccio blu mare
    The Hug
    beautiful pair of masks, beautiful hanging on the wall together
    Acquarello originale Zuaart
    Original watercolor
    Original watercolors made by the artist Zuanella Stefania, on Arches paper,300 grams
    Colombina with fruits
    The mask of the colombina in its richest version, where the mask forms the basis of a patiently modeled fruit composition.
    Acquarelli Sara Vio - Venezia Stampa
    Collection watercolors postcards by Sally Spector
    Box produced by us containing 16 postcards printed in color on Modigliani paper 260 gr, taken from original watercolors by…
    The perfect book for all your sketches! With line guides to help you through the drawing experience. Designed and printed…
    Street haunting: A London adventure, Virginia Woolf
    Virginia Woolf (1882-1941), considered one of the most experimental writers of the Twentieth century, in this short story describes an…


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