collana oro placca
18 karat gold pendant
Hammered rectangular 750 gold pendant on black cord.
collana perla nera 2
Black pearl necklace silver fusion sepia bone
In sterling silver with rigid jointed wire, with cast cuttlebone clasp. Grey black and pink Tahti (salt water) pearls, whose central one measures 15 mm in diameter, and grey labradorite pearls.
Collana corniola
Carnelian necklace
Natural color carnelian necklace, with rough insert, and red glass bead encrusted.
collana labradorite
Labradorite onyx white gold
Labradorite necklace (0.9mm oval) with onyx and white gold. Good dark quality.
Collana ambra rossa
Red amber necklace
Necklace ambr assembly with antique venetian beads. All large pieces were drilled by hand. Amber piece larger than 6 cm.
orecchini bottoni
Silver buttons earrings 50/60’s
Pair of earrings with overlapping buttons worked with silver, smoky black pink
Stud Earrings
Pair of decomposed earrings in sterling silver with spinel bullets
collana turchese
Turquoise knot necklace
Natural turquoise necklace with tubular and spherical onyxes, silver clasp, spherical smoky quartz, and antique venetian pearls
collana perla nera
Wood Pendant
Beached wood pendant necklace with gold and tahiti (saltwater) pearl inserts with 18k navy mesh gold necklace.