Carnival has arrived! And this year as never before it will be for the Venetians! That’s why we at eBotteghe and Behind Venice together with other associations such as, Venice Calls and Generazione 90 have joined the initiative of Confartigianato Venezia, “Il Carnevale dei Veneziani”!

© Simone Padovani/Behind Venice

From January 30 to February 14, 2021, the association of artisans invites Venetians to walk around the city in the traditional clothes of the Carnival of Venice, making people feel that even without mass tourism, the Festival is there and you can feel it. In addition, the initiative also moves on social media: take a photo wearing a carnival mask, even in the company of one of the mascarér members of Confartigianato, post it on Instagram using the hashtag #ilcarnevaledeiveneziani2021 and tagging @confartigianatovenezia.  

The 3 photos with the most likes by February 14 will win the initiative of Confartigianato Venezia. ⠀ For Venetians, also a discount on the purchase of masks and costumes from the indicated masqueraders. Remember, to avoid queues and to enforce the rules of social distancing, always call the store you want to go to first!

© Simone Padovani/Behind Venice

On Sunday, February 7, also, on the day that was supposed to be the Flight of the Angel, we invite you to walk around the city in traditional costumes and let yourself be photographed by the professional photographer who will document the entire day. To conclude, will be made “The Shot of Resilience”: a symbolic photo to remember that the Carnival is above all of the Venetians, where you will be able to access ONLY by invitation.

The event will be held in all weather conditions and in compliance with the measures of maximum security anti Covid and interpersonal distancing.

We wait for you

The artisans members of Confartigianato that adhere to the initiative are