cookies viziovirtu venice
From the Venetian tradition, delicious cookies, strictly handmade. Box 500gr.
Thin sheets of dark Grand Cru chocolate and milk, with dried fruit, salt, candied fruit, coffee, cocoa beans. Box 500 gr

Frutta candita ricoperta di cioccolato Grand Cru fondente.

box 500 gr. frutta candita ricoperta assortita

Chocolate Truffles
Tartufi, crispy chocolate spheres filled with soft creams.
Girani Caffe Venice - Arzenton Blend Special Fruity
Coffe Blend Arzenton – Special Fruity
The Coffee Blend Arzenton- Special Fruity by Girani Caffè, balances the strong taste of typical Italian coffee with the scents…
Coffee Blend Fassina- Super Sweet
The Coffee Blend Fassina – Super Sweet by Girani Caffè, is composed of 9 fine qualities of Arabica from Central…
Coffee Blend Rosine – Super Aromatic
Coffee Blend Rosine – Super Aromatic by Girani Caffè has an intensely aromatic taste and a full, rounded aftertaste. Composed…
Coffee Blend Todaro – Super Amiable
The Coffee Blend Todaro – Super Amiable by Girani Caffè, is the result of a pleasant combination of Arabica qualities.…
Dark and milk Grand Cru chocolate bars
Dark and milk Grand Cru chocolate bars from VizioVirtù Venezia.
The VizioVirtù Venezia pack of assorted Dragees represents the excellence of Italian dried and candied fruit.
Creamy Gianduja and chocolate, Pistachio, Coffee, are just some of the flavors of our Giandujotti. Box 350 gr of assorted…
Girani Venezia Mug
Girani Venezia Mug is made of thick white porcelain. Sized such that it is neither too large nor too small.…
Bag of classic hot chocolate mix.
Hot Chocolate Goldoni Since 1750
Taken from a Venetian recipe from 1750. Pure cocoa and spices, to be prepared exclusively with water. Bag of 325 gr.
Bag of Goldoni hot chocolate preparation, to be diluted in 1 liter of boiling water.
Three jars of VizioVirtù Venezia spreadable cream
Delicious spreads made according to tradition with IGP Piedmont Hazelnuts (Tonda Gentile Trilobata) and Bronte Pistachios.