orecchini bottoni
Silver buttons earrings 50/60’s
Pair of earrings with overlapping buttons worked with silver, smoky black pink
Necklace with three Tahitian pearls
Silver Necklace with three Tahitian pearls
Necklace in silver 925%° with three cultured Tahitian pearls, D,semi/round, total lenght cm 60, realized by Riviera Art.
Parure spirale la perla nera
Spiral set
Parure composed of necklace, bracelet and earrings. You can decide if you want to buy the whole set or the individual jewels
anello star bottega orafa abc venezia
Star Ring – Bottega Orafa Abc Venezia
Star ring by Bottega Orafa Abc Venezia, in 2 colors in Mokume gane 15 sheets in white gold palladium and…
Stud Earrings
Pair of decomposed earrings in sterling silver with spinel bullets
Sumeri Ring – Bottega Orafa Abc Venezia
Sumeri ring by Bottega Orafa Abc Venezia, made of 18kt. gold and titanium. Width: 10mm. Size 18.
perle sfuse di tahiti
Tahitian cultured pearls round semi/round loose
Tahitian cultured pearls round semi/round loose. They are available with a single hole (suitable for rings, earrings, pendants) or with a through hole (suitable for necklaces and bracelets) or without hole. Available in various diameters and qualities.  
Tahitian pearl necklace with waxed cord
Tahitian pearl necklace with waxed cord
Necklace with cultured Tahitian pearl, semi/round D and waxed cord. Available in different diameters.   IMPORTANT : The pearls with diameter mm 13/14 are the rarest, in the lots that I buy, so they are not always available. The holes of loose pearls I make them on request and free of charge with a diameter of 0.8 mm, tell me if you want them single (rings, pendants, earrings) or through (necklaces and bracelets). The colors of the pearls are absolutely natural and can be divided into light gray, dark gray and black if you have any preferences I will try as much as possible to please you. The luster in the quality B is always very good while in those C / D is normally good. In the method of evaluation of Tahitian pearls (the best known worldwide along with GIA) there are only the letters A-B-C-D-E without any plus or minus and without the doubling of the letters (AA or AAA+ or even A-). The luster is evaluated in excellent, very good, good, poor. The minimum diameter of the pearls of Tahiti is 7 mm while the larger ones are 15/16 mm ask me for quotes and I will do everything possible to satisfy you. Remember that all the work I do manually in Venice and alone, so it may happen that I can not send within a day of your request, normally the shipment is made after 24/48 hours from the order. The beads engraved with Maori tattoos are made in Papeete by artisans who pass on their traditions. They are quality pearls that must have two years of cultivation with a pearl thickness of at least 0.8 mm in order to highlight the tattoo and hide the core.  
orecchini Thalia in vetro di murano
Thalia Earrings in Murano Glass
Thalia earrings, made by Le Burle Veneziane, entirely handmade with micro pearls in Murano glass (Venetian conteria).
collana turchese
Turquoise knot necklace
Natural turquoise necklace with tubular and spherical onyxes, silver clasp, spherical smoky quartz, and antique venetian pearls
uring kirumakata anello vetro
URing Murano glass ring
URing Murano glass ring with baguette pearl, handmade by Kirumakata using the lampworking technique. The shape recalls in a stylised manner the "shackle", a safety clasp found on sailing boats and used to secure the sails.
collana perla nera
Wood Pendant
Beached wood pendant necklace with gold and tahiti (saltwater) pearl inserts with 18k navy mesh gold necklace.