Alberto Toso Fei, Venetian since 1351, comes from an ancient family of Murano glassmakers. Expert in secret history and mystery, he is a journalist, writer and essayist translated into several languages.

His books on the secret and legendary history of the most beautiful cities in Italy, born from the recovery of the oral tradition, have become treasure hunts, theatrical performances, works of art, installations and even multimedia objects. From them the phenomenon of “ghost tours” in Venice was born.

    Shakespeare a venezia alberto toso fei
    “Shakespeare in Venice. Exploring the city with Shylock and Othello” Shaul Bassi, Alberto Toso Fei – Elzeviro Editore
    A very refined and particular guide to Venice, which invites you to get lost in the labyrinth of calli and campielli to find the characters and places of William Shakespeare Flexible cover, 224 pages
    enigmi misteri venezia alberto toso fei
    “Veneziaenigma. Thirteen centuries of chronicles, mysteries, curiosities and extraordinary events poised between history and myth” English edition, Alberto Toso Fei
    A mapping of places and anecdotes that, like an immense mosaic reassembled, piece by piece, reveals the enigmatic essence of Venice Paperback, 400 pages
    Leggende veneziane e storie di fantasmi alberto toso fei
    “Venetian legends and ghost stories. A guide to places of mystery in Venice” English edition, di Alberto Toso Fei, Vito Vecellio – Elzeviro Editore
    Four fascinating itineraries to discover the darkest and most obscure face of Venice Paperback, 214 pages
    Mysteries of the Lagoon and Witches' Tales - alberto toso fei
    “Mysteries of the Lagoon and Witches’ Tales. Guide to arcane places among the islands of Venice” by Alberto Toso Fei – Elzeviro Editore
    Four enchanting itineraries (to be covered by boat or public transport) that touch all the most beautiful islands in the Venice lagoon Paperback, 200 pages